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Sunday, October 23rd, 2 pm
Poet Kim Shuck and friends pay tribute to the late Susan Sibbet

Great Blue, a posthumous collection of poems by Susan Herron Sibbet, spans three decades, from her first published works to her death in 2013. Today at Bird & Beckett, poet Kim Shuck, a San Francisco original and treasure, has invited a bunch of … [Read more...]

Sunday, October 23rd – 4:30-6:30 pm
Robert Kennedy Quartet

Robert Kennedy, on organ, leads a quartet with James Moran on guitar, Lyle Link on sax and Cody Rhodes on drums.  Centered on the hard bop and soul jazz of the Hammond organ's heyday in the 1950s and 1960s and extending to blues, jazz standards and … [Read more...]

Prop S – Passage on Nov. 8 assures significant arts funding
and new support for homeless families, without new taxes

November 8 is ALMOST all about sending Trump back to reality tv, the kind of locker rooms where no self-respecting person would want to hang out, and his massive business of screwing his contractors, suppliers and investors. But there's a lot more … [Read more...]

Entertainment on tap Oct. 20th-30th
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Click on the highlighted titles to see website posts for detail. The Seducers - Thurs., 10/20 - 8-10pm classic/outlaw country - Joe Goldmark (pedal steel), Mitch Polzak (lead guitar), Pam Brandon (bass), Kenny Owen (drums) The Scott Foster … [Read more...]

Thursday, October 27th – 8-10 pm
Jinx Jones Rockin Billy Boogie! The Daredevil Show!!

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Friday, October 28th – 5:30-8 pm
The Chuck Peterson Quintet plays jazz in the bookshop
and pays its respects to Howie Dudune, may he rest in peace!

For several years until his untimely death last month, Howard Dudune shared the front line in the Chuck Peterson Quintet each fourth Friday at Bird & Beckett. Chuck and Howie both played tenor sax, with Howie doubling on clarinet and Chuck … [Read more...]

Saturday, October 29th – 7:30-10pm
Darren Johnston’s “Broken Shadows”
jazz club! when lights are low…
every Saturday night!

"Broken Shadows" - Darren Johnston - trumpet/voice; Dan Cantrell - accordion/voice; David Phillips - pedal-steel/voice; Miles Wick - upright bass/voice. With songs that place an emphasis on lyrics and story-telling, and with world class … [Read more...]

Sunday, October 30th – 2:30 pm
Walker Talks! on César Vallejo: Peruvian Surrealist

Walker considers the work and life of César Vallejo: Elemental Peruvian surrealist, whose book Trilce is one of the unacknowledged masterpieces of modern poetic speech, whose thematic background encompasses indigenous Andean villages, metropolitan … [Read more...]

Sunday, October 30th – 4:30-6:30 pm
Ira Kamin vs. P.C Muñoz – duo encounter!
which way west? Sunday concert series

Reprising a great match up from last year, drummer/producer PC Muñoz meets madcap aleatoric classical/free jazz pianist Ira Kamin for another afternoon of exploratory duet. Click here for a taste of their July 12, 2015 outing at Bird & … [Read more...]

Thursday, November 3rd – 8-10 pm
Mad Mama and the Bona Fide Few
playing two full sets of whiskey-soaked Americana!
in Bird & Beckett’s weekly “canyon moonlight” series

Mad Mama and The Bona Fide Few came together in San Francisco in 2011 with its current lineup -- Mad Mama, herself, on uke and vocals; Steve Egelman on guitar and vocals, Tony Velour on bass and Paul Monteiro on drums. They played their own mix of … [Read more...]

Happy at home in Glen Park… thanks for noticing, Hoodline!

 Inside Bird And Beckett Story by Stephen Jackson, Hoodline, July 30, 2016 If you're in Glen Park and looking to expand your cultural horizons, your safest bet is to head over to Bird and Beckett Books and Records. The name, derived … [Read more...]

Bird & Beckett in full jazz flight

Check out Joel Sackett's article and photographs in Wingspan magazine-- the inflight magazine of All Nippon Airlines.   Book your ticket and you'll find it in the pocket of the seat back in front of you. Or click here! Bird & Beckett … [Read more...]

So long, Howie…

Howard Dudune passed away September 24th, and all that are left are memories... and fortunately, at least one magnificent recording; undoubtedly more. Howie was a joy to hear from the first, a talent you could scarcely comprehend, joyfully exquisite … [Read more...]