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which way west? Sunday concert series
July 27th — 4:30-6:30 pm:
The Rudi Wongozi Trio

Rudi Wongozi's East Bay roots are strong, pulling him back every now and again from NYC to be with family and perform a few dates.  We're pleased to present him in the company of poet Paula Hackett and two fine rhythm players, Ollen Erich Hunt on … [Read more...]

Sunday, July 27th – 2 p.m.
‘Fertile Chaos’
Lillis, Meklina, Traetto, Zilberbourg

An afternoon reading of four writers experimenting in various unique ways with prose and story. Readers:   Karen Lillis   Margarita Meklina   Lauren Traetto   Olga Zilberbourg Karen Lillis writes fiction, poetry, and genres inbetween. She … [Read more...]

jazz club! Saturday nights
July 26th — 8 to 11 pm:
Michael Parsons, piano, w/Rob Figliuzzi

Michael Parsons, piano Rob Figliuzzi, guitar Heshima, bass Vinnie Rodriguez, drums San Francisco is a jazz town, and you're in it!  Get down to Bird & Beckett and find out. Guest guitarist Rob Figliuzzi leads one of the finest trad … [Read more...]

jazz in the bookshop every Friday
July 25th – 5:30-8:00 pm:
The Chuck Peterson Quintet

Chuck's not here this week... but valve trombonist Frank Phipps sits in, while drummer Jim Zimmerman sits in for Tony Johnson and bassist Al Obidinsky sits in for Dean Reilly, with reedman Howie Dudune and guitarist Glen Deardorff as the core of the … [Read more...]

Wednesday, July 23rd — 7 p.m.
A Listening Party!
Renee Gibbons’ Longing for Elsewhere

Born in a Dublin tenement in the mid-20th century and for the past three decades a well loved figure in San Francisco’s North Beach bohemia, Renee is widely known for the long-running column she wrote for the Irish Herald called “The Rambling Road.”  … [Read more...]