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Friday, February 27th – 7 pm
Medea Isphording Bern on
San Francisco Jazz!

An excursion through the scrapbook of the music's history in these parts, from Jelly Roll Morton passing through to Kid Ory in a longer sojourn, the post-WWII Fillmore jazz scene, Turk Murphy and his trad revival crew... the Blackhawk, Brubeck, the … [Read more...]

Sunday, February 22nd – 2:30 pm
Walker Talks!
the gifts of the nine muses…

Walker Brents III weaves a fascinating web of insight, association, speculation and delight the last Sunday of every month, following his muse where it takes him on topics divers — from epic literature to mythological tales to the enigmas of poetry … [Read more...]

Sunday, February 22nd – 4:30-6:30 pm
Denise Perrier / Tammy Hall Trio
w/bassist Gary Brown

Vocalist Denise Perrier was born in Louisiana but moved with her family to the East Bay Area at the age of five, and has had a thirty-year career performing in the Bay Area and touring Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Along the way, she's been … [Read more...]

Saturday, February 21st – 8-11 pm
jazz club! when lights are low…
Destiny Muhammad Trio

Heshima Mark Williams presents the Destiny Muhammad Jazz Trio. Destiny Muhammad, harp Alex Baum, bass Jack Dorsey, drums Destiny Muhammad's genre ‘Celtic to Coltrane’ is cool and eclectic with a feel of jazz & storytelling to round out … [Read more...]

Friday, February 20th – 5:30-8:00 pm
The Scott Foster Ensemble
plays from a 1970s bag

Scott Foster leads his quartet through territory not so often explored on the Bird & Beckett bandstand.  Remember the 1970s?!? Jim Peterson, reeds; Mike Bordelon on bass; and Ricky Carter on drums join the guitarist a freaky little expedition … [Read more...]