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Gallery Ex Libris
Ava Koohbor: Chromatic Sediments
show closed

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Thursday, September 22nd – 8-10 pm
Moonshine Maybelline
glamorous honky tonk in the canyon moonlight…

Moonshine Maybelline makes its debut Bird & Beckett appearance Thursday, September 22nd, playing their own gorgeous brand of glamorous honky tonk. Like a siren from the shore, this band will lure you in with spellbinding ballads, mesmerize you … [Read more...]

September 8th to 19th – 15 events in 12 days
Treasures Untold!

Our current run started Thursday, the 8th, with HowellDevine. the fabulous delta blues trio, in our weekly canyon moonlight Americana series (blues, soul, country, rockabilly) series and continued Friday, the 9th with our weekly jazz in the bookshop … [Read more...]

Saturday, September 17 – 7:30-10 pm
Michael Parsons Quartet
jazz club! when lights are low…

Michael Parsons is back! For a minute at least. And Bird & Beckett's got him! Pianist Michael Parsons got our "jazz club" series rolling back in July 2014, then went and fell in love, moved to Paris, and married the lovely Siham! A French … [Read more...]

Monday, September 5th – 7-9 pm
A Labor Day poetry reading
Featured poets Alice Rogoff and Phyllis Holiday
an open mic follows

Alice Rogoff is from New Rochelle, New York and went to a large diverse high school, then a small college with lots of political activism in the 1960s, arrived in San Francisco in North Beach, was published in Amphora, Gypsy Table and the San … [Read more...]