Ten Years That Shook the City

Sunday, July 10th, 2:00 pm

SAN FRANCISCO, 1968-1978

A reading by editor Chris Carlsson and contributors Pam Peirce, Andrew Lam and Mary Jean Robertson

Though the starting and ending dates of this anthology may be mere signposts in a much more extended, impossible to define continuum, the period of intense political and cultural churn that began with the general strike at San Francisco State University and that came to a bonechilling halt with the twin events of Jonestown and the City Hall murders engendered countless life-changing realizations for those who found themselves here for any part of that era… and rippled through the entire American and international societal fabric.  In Ten Years That Shook the City, many such pivotal circumstances are described and explored by individuals who lived through the dream and the reality in all their sobering, frightening, beautiful and inspiring aspects.

Peirce (Golden Gate Gardening) writes on the San Francisco People’s Food System; Lam (East Eats West) on his experience as a refugee teen, son of a general in the Army of South Vietnam; Robertson (host of a long-running show on Native American issues on KPOO) on the 2-year occupation of Alcatraz by American Indians from 20 tribes. Chris Carlsson previously edited the important predecessor volumes on San Francisco political and economic issues, Reclaiming San Francisco and The Political Edge, among other important books, and provides the introduction to the present volume.