Sundays, July 31st – August 28th


Five Consecutive Sundays
of Spontaneous Improvization

Bird & Beckett’s Which Way West? concert series, in association with Outsound Presents:

July 31 – TIME IS NOW, NOT MONEY: Lorin Benedict, voice; Scott R. Looney, piano; Bishu Chatterjee, bass; Bryan Bowman, drums

August 7 – FORWARD ENERGY: Jim Ryan, sax, flute, trumpet; Rent Romus, saxes; Scott R. Looney, piano; Eric Marshall, bass; Timothy Orr, drums

August 14 – CHUCK MANNING/STU PILORZ OUTFIT: Chuck Manning, tenor sax; Stu Pilorz, trombone; Ollie Dudek, bass; Omar Aran, drums

August 21 – TIME IS NOW, NOT MONEY REDUX: featuring Kasey Knudsen, sax

August 28 – LORDS OF OUTLAND: Rent Romus, saxes; C.J. Reaven Borosque, trumpet & electronic feedback; Ray Schaeffer, electric bass; Philip Everett, drums