Sunday, May 18th – 2 pm
A life in beat zen poetry
Latif Harris reads and reminisces

latif-harrisLatif Harris has contributed to the San Francisco/North Beach literary scene since 1959. In addition to his publications of poetry, articles, reviews and various anthologies, Latif has published eleven books of poetry, including Bodhisattva’s Busted Truth.

Latif’s skill, energy and devotion to the work is evidenced in the crucial BEATITUDE GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY 1959-2009, co-edited by Latif with Neeli Cherkovski, and published and distributed by Latif.  This is an unequaled anthology of Beat literature – a classic work of contemporary poetry.

Latif is currently working on a large “Autobiopoetic” collection of poems covering 50 years of his work.  His reading today, and a second reading on Sunday, June 2nd will include material from his memoirs, old and new poems, and many good humored anecdotes revealing the many dimensions of his life in poetry.