Alice Rogoff’s Barge Wood + Maurice Tani: 77 El Deora

Sunday, June 10 – 2:30 pm

Poet Alice Rogoff

Barge Wood

A reading of new work by a key local poet, co-editor of the Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal.

“The golden leaves
form fan shaped piles
on the sidewalk
while a woman sleeps
hugged to the pavement.”
— from the poem, “Ginko Leaves Falling in the Tenderloin”
Barge Wood, Alice Elizabeth Rogoff
CC. Marimbo, Berkeley, 2012.

Sunday, June 10 – 4:30-6:30 pm

Maurice Tani: 77 El Deora

Maurice Tani: 77 El Deorawhich way west? Sunday concert series |
all ages welcome.
your donations help us pay the band!

Pure country music in a honky tonk vein, shading into some dark and swirling  “hillbilly noir” — from one of the very best alt-country performers/composers on the local scene.

If you like  George Jones with your George Dickel and Patsy Cline with your PBR, that’s a good starting point…

then be prepared dive ever deeper into the heartbreak and the American dreamscape.