Saturday, April 6th, at 7 pm: AMERARCANA 2013 Release Reading & Celebration

The 4th annual Bird & Beckett Review, AMERARCANA 2013 is here now, so please come down to the bookshop to check it out, and join us on Saturday, April 6th to celebrate and hear from a few of the contributors, including, but not necessarily limited to: Patrick James Dunagan, Christina Fisher, Jack Hirschman, Ava Khoobor, William Rockwell, Rod Roland and of course me, aka editor Nicholas James Whittington. Additional local contributors who may or may not join us include: Barry Gifford, Carrie Hunter and Stephen Ratcliffe. Others unlikely to make an appearance: Nathaniel Mackey, Jesse Morse, Mary Austin Speaker and Elizabeth Witte. Artists Jason Grabowski & Basil King both live out in New York these days, but if we’re lucky the former might make his way out here for the big show. So, about the magazine… well, you can read more about AMERARCANA here, so please do!


  1. maurice woods says:

    wish I had known the amerarcana release was april 6. i coulda been there