Thursday, December 17th – 7 pm
Writer Annette Leddy
Earth Still, a novel

Annette LeddyAnnette Leddy is a fiction writer and curator. These two vocations converge in her novel Earth Still, which tells the story of Patricia, a museum curator and the mother of a young son, who falls for a new neighbor, Rennie, in the aftermath of an alien spaceship’s unexplained landing in present day Los Angeles.

Leddy is a California native who spent her formative years in the Bay Area, where she has an extensive network of friends and family. Leddy recently worked in Los Angeles at the Getty Research Institute, a fictional version of which figures prominently in Earth Still. She is now the New York Collector for the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art and lives in Manhattan.

Referencing art house film directors Chris Marker and Jean-Luc Godard, Italian Futurist writer F.T. Marinetti, and classic science fiction movies, Earth Still is a transfiguring love story, a meditation on the interrelationship of science fiction and visual art, and a riveting fantasy about our obsession with aliens.  Read more here.

Earth Still