mark your calendar! Sunday, May 22nd – 2-4 pm
Gold, Serra, Beyl: Three North Beach Denizens of Great Repute
together on stage at Bird & Beckett!

Kearney Street

photos (c) Dennis Hearne 2016

sketches from a northWhen a Psychopath Falls in LoveThe Scaffold


Join us at Bird & Beckett for a freewheeling discussion of North Beach in its current and historical glory by three major writers, each a long-time denizen of San Francisco’s favorite neighborhood, each with a new book:

Journalist Ernie Beyl: Sketches from a North Beach Journal
Novelist Herb Gold: When A Psychopath Falls in Love
Radical defense attorney Tony Serra: The Scaffold


(c) Dennis Hearne

(c) Dennis Hearne 2016

Herb Gold by Dennis Hearne

(c) Dennis Hearne 2016

Tony Serra by Dennis Hearne

(c) Dennis Hearne 2016