Big Bash 2012

Coming up Saturday, May 19th

Bird & Beckett’s
Big Bash
at the Clubhouse

Once every couple of summers, we take our show up to the “clubhouse” on O’Shaughnessy to raise a little dough!  It sustains us down in Glen Park, where we do 18 events a month, the lion’s share of them under the auspices of the venerable Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project.

This will be our fourth “Big Bash” — each one a terrific community party, with bands, food, drink… and you!  $10 tix will be available in advance (but not just yet).

Stay tuned for our entertainment line up, though we can tell you that it will be focused on the folks that have poured through the public high school that sits up on the rim of Glen Canyon, The Ruth Asawa School of the Arts.

Many young musicians and writers whose talents have been developed at the august institution have been presented on the stage at Bird & Beckett through the years– a tradition that will continue as long as we’re standing!

The “clubhouse” is a lovely little wooden meeting hall, maintained by the neighborhood association in Miraloma Park.  You’ll find it nestled at the back of a small parking lot three-fourths of the way up O’Shaughnessy — the road that runs alongside the canyon from Glen Park to the crest of the hill where O’Shaughnessy meets Portola  (see the pix below).