Big Bash

Saturday, May 19th – 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Big Bash at the Clubhouse
a benefit for Bird & Beckett!

Big Bash at the Clubhouse poster image

Call or email the bookshop to reserve your Big Bash ticket now!  586-3733 /

Just $10 each.

Proceeds benefit your cherished neighborhood bookshop!

Get in the mood for a massive good time by clicking on that black “Streampad” bar way down at the bottom of this screen — it’s an 8 min. segment of an historic show by  Jack Ruby Hi Power at Keystone Berkeley on Aug. 1, 1982 — a concert produced by the same folks who bring you Bird & Beckett… read more about it by clicking here to visit our blog…and while you’re there be sure to click on the poster to go into the matter at greater depth at the site called Who Cork the Dance.  There you can download 78 min. of the show if you like!  It’s free, but it’s awful nice if you hit that “donate” button & give them a little love and support for their efforts!