Books for sale

The pleasures of the page

Nothing is really like a book, though only a very few of them are really important as books… still, many would lay down their lives if it would  save the book from obliteration, for many fine and very important personal reasons.

Fortunately, it will never come to that. So let’s take pleasure in the page, and the binding, and the groaning shelf and teetering stack…

Shown here is Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands, a lovely book in its every aspect — its words, its maps, its ideas, its arrangement of the elements — and in its totality. Come take a look. Leaf through the pages and enjoy.

We only have one or two copies on hand, but we’ll get a few more in a few weeks if these find their way to other homes.

If you can’t come down to the shop for some reason — say, for example, if you’re reading this while residing or sojourning on some remote island — send us an email, and we’ll ship a copy off to you, by slow boat or jet plane, your choice.