Wednesday, June 19, 7:00 pm: SUPERPOP! author Daniel Harmon

Book Release Party with author Daniel Harmon!  From San Francisco's own Zest Books...  Super Pop! Pop Culture Top Ten Lists to Help You Win at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It Through the Holidays Super Pop offers a maximum-pleasure, … [Read more...]

Saturday, April 6th, at 7 pm: AMERARCANA 2013 Release Reading & Celebration

The 4th annual Bird & Beckett Review, AMERARCANA 2013 is here now, so please come down to the bookshop to check it out, and join us on Saturday, April 6th to celebrate and hear from a few of the contributors, including, but not necessarily … [Read more...]

Bring me the head of Charles Bukowski!
Linda King delivers the goods
Sunday, March 3rd at 2 pm

Linda King has sculpted from life the heads of many great beat and post-beat literary figures familiar to us here on the west coast... her lover Charles Bukowski as well as Ferlinghetti, Hirschman, Micheline, Norse, Winans and more. Buk's head is in … [Read more...]

Wed. Feb. 6: Tamim Ansary at 7:00 pm
on Afghanistan & Games Without Rules

Tamim Ansary gives a talk this evening on "the often-interrupted history of Afghanistan" as engagingly elucidated in his newest book, Games Without Rules (Public Affairs, 2012). With deft narrative momentum, Ansary helps the reader get past the … [Read more...]

Support your local bookshop
& cultural center!

Bird & Beckett is proud to have served the Glen Park neighborhood since 1999 in at least two significant ways -- as a bookshop bursting at the seams with a broad and interesting selection of the best new and used books we know how to find, and as … [Read more...]