Featured Publisher: Nobrow Press

Eyepopping and seductive... the Brits do it again! Last week, we featured London's Laurence King Press, turning out sharp & useful books for graphic artists, architects, fashion designers, photographers -- but Nobrow showcases young artists … [Read more...]

Featured Publisher:
Laurence King Publishing

The visual arts are the domain of this British publisher, whose half dozen "100 Ideas" books are chock full of game-changing innovations that shifted paradigms in photography, fashion, graphic design, architecture, art, etc.  Surprising, the … [Read more...]

Featured Publisher:
Tara Books
of Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India)

Beautiful books... children's books, but are they? If it takes the eyes of children to take us into these rich and gorgeous artifacts, so be it. Tara Books is: Gita Wolf, a former academic rash enough to start a publishing house V. Geetha, … [Read more...]

Sunday, November 25th:
jazz writer Paul de Barros
presents his new biography of
pianist Marian McPartland

Sunday, November 25th — 3:00 p.m. Shall We Play That One Together? The Life and Art of Jazz Piano Legend Marian McPartland A book event with biographer Paul de Barros. Marian McPartland has done more to edify jazz lovers than anyone … [Read more...]

Books getting too expensive?

Look at it this way... A new book published by Random House, Yale University Press or Penguin -- or any real publisher -- has a set retail price that's the same whether you buy it in San Francisco, Fresno, Atlanta or Dubuque. Ok, maybe Amazon … [Read more...]