Saturday, November 25th – 7:30-10:00 pm
New Squatoolas
jazz club! when lights are low…
$20 cover charge

NEW SQUATOOLAS! New Squatoolas Celebrate the Musical Spirit of New Orleans! Jim Peterson, sax Scott Foster, guitar Joe Kyle, Jr., bass Larry Vann, drums Music inspired by New Orleans jazz, funk and soul pioneers -- The Meters, Smokey Johnson, … [Read more...]

Sunday, November 26th – 2:30-4 pm
Walker Talks!

Walker Brents III addresses Herman Hesse's novel, The Glass Bead Game … [Read more...]

Sunday, November 26th – 4:30-6:30 pm
The Cottontails
which way west? Sunday concert series

Karina Denike, vocals Michael McIntosh, piano Tom Griesser, sax Ari Munkres, bass Randy Odell, drums The Cottontails romp through vintage classics of the jazz age, swing era hits and 50s R&B without a care. They've played at jazz clubs, … [Read more...]

Friday, December 1st – 5:30-8:00 pm
Oop Bop Sh’Bam 
jazz in the bookshop
every Friday since October 2002

Last chance to hear Oop Bop Sh' Bam in 2017! Five cats who swing like nobody's business and navigate the bop changes like it's second nature. Jeff Burr's the kid on the date -- a magnificently capable guitarist, spinning out lines and voicing lovely … [Read more...]

Sunday, December 3rd – 2 pm
Three on a Match: New & Improving!
Poetry & Music from Klipschutz & Friends

Bird and Beckett Books and Records Presents A Three on a Match Production KLIPSCHUTZ & FRIENDS Poetry & Music Sunday, December 3rd - 2 pm Hosted by Paul Fericano   KLIPSCHUTZ (pen name of Kurt Lipschutz) has been recognized by … [Read more...]