Celebrating David Meltzer!
Poets convene Monday, April 10th at 7 pm

David Meltzer, poet and philosophe, elf & mensch, scholar of the kabbalah and le jazz, equal parts pop-psychedelicizer and plumber of the deep arcane, passed away this past December 31st, and don’t we miss  him!

A dozen of his dear colleagues, students and friends will gather on Monday April 10th to read from his work and a little of their own as it pertains to David.

Do come!

David Meltzer & Julie Rogers. Oakland 9/2014

Reading on this evening’s program will be David’s wife and a fine buddhist poet herself, Julie Rogers, along with long-time friends Clark Coolidge, Diane di Prima and Duncan McNaughton, and younger generation friends, acolytes and devotees Micah Ballard, Garrett Caples, Patrick James Dunagan, Suzanne Kleid, Marina Lazzara, Sunnylyn Thibodeaux and Nicholas James Whittington.

Due to the crowded roster of poets, there will be no open mic (thanks for your understanding on that point!).

However! We will certainly allow time for mingling when you can share stories among yourselves — and we know that David is the subject of many a tale among those who knew him.