Sunday, December 21st – 4:30-6:30 pm
The Chelm Feelharmonik! Klezmer Trio

Chelm5-965x543Klezmer Music by
~ Chelm Feelharmonik ~

Jeannette Levitsky – accordion
Mike Perlmutter – clarinet
Rick Elmore – bass trombone

One rainy season, the downpours threatened never to end, the roads became impassable, puddles became miniature lakes, and rivers of mud flowed down the mountain. The town council was concerned. The people of Chelm couldn’t shop, children had to be carried from place to place, and even visiting the necessary presented an existential danger.

Chelm woodcutSeven days and seven nights of discussion and debate resulted in the Rain Wall Plan. The elders agreed to empty the town treasury to build a six-foot wall around the entire village of Chelm to keep the rain out. Despite the terrible conditions in which the workmen struggled, the wall was duly erected. Unfortunately, the rain would not cooperate. It continued to fall even inside the Rain Wall!

The elders met again. Their plight was dire. They had plenty of rain and no more money in the town treasury. After seven days and seven nights of additional discussion, it was decided to switch the meaning of the words. In this way, the town of Chelm suddenly had very much money and no more rain.