Friday, June 26th – 5:30-8:00 pm
The Chuck Peterson Quintet

Chuck PetersonEvery Friday evening at Bird & Beckett, the neighborhood — and folks from foreign climes and Bay Area aeries — assemble “after work” to enjoy each other’s company and the work of some of the fine jazz musicians who call the Bay Area home.

The tradition here started in late 2002, when tenor player Chuck Peterson told Bird & Beckett proprietor Eric Whittington that he’d give up jazz and take up golf if he couldn’t find a regular place to play with colleagues who shared his history in the music.  Whittington took him at his word and offered him a weekly gig, Friday evenings — and Chuck made sure there were musicians who knew their art and called the tunes to keep the music flowing.  Here we are 13 years on, and on it goes.

Chuck’s fourth Fridays quintet features colleagues that started in the music with him back in 1950 under the sway of the great bebop creator, Charlie Parker, but also the whole constellation of artists who helped originate and extend this music we call jazz…  

Howie Dudune on reeds, Glen Deardorff on guitar, Dean Reilly on bass and Tony Johnson on drums join tenor saxman Chuck Peterson.

It’s one of life’s rich experiences that you don’t want to miss.

Do come!