Monday, October 5th – 7 to 9 pm
POETS! Dan Richman featured,
followed by an open mic
Jerry Ferraz hosts

Dan Richman bookDan Richman returns with poems in hand. He read on our first bill of poets back in 1999 or so, and has continued to write all along, taking in the terrain on which San Francisco is built, the birds circling in the skies above, the people who inhabit it, going about their business day to day.

An hour in his company is time well spent.

Bring your own work to read in the open mic, if you care to.

Jerry Ferraz, who m.c.’s our twice monthly poetry series, was a co-reader with Dan on that first reading back when the store was just getting started. All along, Jerry has been the continuous element in our understanding of what it is to be a poet in San Francisco.