Sunday, March 15th – 2 pm
David Schooley on San Bruno Mtn

david-schooleyDavid Schooley has been minding the mountain for 25 years or more, working hard to keep it in the minds of those who might help him protect it from encroaching development.  He regularly leads hikes over its rolling terrain, and spends many hundreds of times as many hours exploring and nurturing it on his own.

Ravines of the Heart is a new book that holds some of his writings and art spawned by his dedication to the open spaces on its flanks and in its folds.  David will read a few pieces and talk about the mountain to the assembled audience at Bird & Beckett, sharing his conviction that the mountain and its flora and fauna are precious, irreplaceable and simply good to know for the benefit of your soul and peace of mind. bears an essay by David that will give you a pretty good grasp of what’s been there, what’s still there, and what’s the difference.  David was a co-founder of San Bruno Mountain Watch thirty years ago, and possesses as  much perspective on the place as anyone you’ll encounter.  Take a walk with him, come hear him talk… you’ll be richer for it, and the mountain will have gained another advocate that it sorely needs.

Ravines of the Heart

Volunteers restoring buckeye on the mountain in 2010

Volunteers restoring buckeye on the mountain in 2010

San Bruno Mountain - sf skylinesan-bruno-mountain pic