Friday, April 1st – 5:30-8:00 pm
Don Prell’s SeaBop Ensemble

jazz in the bookshop every Friday night

Reed player Jerry Logas, guitarist Tom Lander and drummer Vinnie Rodriguez join bassist Don Prell for two sets of bebop-drenched music.

Prell’s career in jazz began in Los Angeles in the 1950s. He subbed for Oscar Pettiford, took girlfriends away from Woody Herman, recorded and performed for several years in a quartet with Bud Shank, Claude Williamson and Chuck Flores, touring Europe and South Africa with the quartet and June Christie, played with Peggy Lee at the Sands — lugging his bass all along the way. He also did time in a foxhole on the border between North & South Korea, lost his cabaret card in New York City, married a Playboy bunny, took a legit gig with the Utah Symphony and another, which lasted 30 years, with the San Francisco Symphony. Now, you can hear him Tuesday nights down at the Bayview Boat Club (sign in as his guest– but don’t try it if he’s not playing) and on the first Friday of each month at Bird & Beckett.