Friday, October 7th – 5:30-8 pm
Don Prell’s Seabop Ensemble

Trumpet player Al Molina, reed player Jerry Logas and drummer Vinnie Rodriguez join bassist Don Prell for two generous sets of live jazz. Decades of professional experience and tons of improvisational skill on the bandstand tonight.

Don first made his mark on the jazz scene in the 1950s, when he was an integral part of the Los Angeles area activity that centered on Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach (where so-called “West Coast Jazz” was born, developed, codified and made world famous), as well as the Central Avenue clubs where African-American musicians dominated the scene, clubs including The Hague in downtown Los Angeles, and many other storied venues. Don was the bassist in the hugely successful Bud Shank Quartet, along with pianist Claude Williamson and drummer Chuck Flores, making several records and touring internationally to great acclaim. He was also in a handful of movies you may well remember, generally wherever they needed a little combo in the shot to lend that touch of beat-jazz-bohemian culture…

Don Prell bass