Sunday, June 21st – 4:30 to 6:30 pm
EaR Candy Quartet!

Ralph CarneyReedman Ralph Carney is pret’ near legendary, and plays around here and near and far with a multitude of projects. This one — EaR Candy Quartet — is constituted to test the proposition that “to steal from one artist is plagiarism but to steal from everybody is research.” Ralph goes on to say that EaR Candy digs “a little deeper to uncover hidden gems in the early repertoire of Duke Ellington, Red Allen, Jelly Roll Morton as well as diverse and more recent influences.”

He’s joined at Bird & Beckett today by piano player Eric Shifrin, bassist John Clark and drummer Mark Lee to do a little musical spelunking along these lines. We’re ecstatic at the prospect and suspect you ought to be as well! Stir your stumps & come down to the store this Sunday afternoon to find out what Ralph & Co. have in store for you.

There may be a test, but we’ll probably all skip that. We’re likely to be too loopily happy to concentrate once the drums are packed and the band wanders off into the fog of time…

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