Thursday, December 28th – 7:30-9:30 pm
Eric & the In Crowd

Last chance to get in with the in crowd in 2017 — capping more than a dozen In Crowd shows since we started harboring a handful of Riptide refugees back in the late summer of 2015 in the series we’ve called “canyon moonlight music.”  $10-15 requested donation tonight.

Be here or be squeere!

Eric Shifrin knows his way around the piano– an affable virtuoso of rueful good cheer! He’ll be joined on the bandstand by bassist Paul Smith and the percussionist/traps drummer Raul Ramirez, two long-time associates well suited to bringing out the best in Eric’s music. It’s just what you need to round out what’s been a rough year in Amerikkka! Holding out hope for an effective resistance in 2018…

For our part, Bird & Beckett would like to dedicate tonight’s show to Ralph Carney. Ralph, who passed away on December 16th, was a fantastic talent and a legend in the business– and a great friend and associate of Eric’s. Their band called EaR Candy brought a lot of nights of joy to the bookshop in late 2015 and early 2016, before Ralph moved north to Portland. We can’t really believe he’s gone. Fortunately, so much of his music will live on, and his memory will endure. So long, Ralph!

photo copyright Dennis Hearne