Events this week – 3/22 to 3/28/11

Hrabal Rouser…Bop Stop…
Voudoun Verite…a String Thing…

4 events, Thursday to Sunday

Maybe you wouldn’t think it to look at his picture here, but it’s Bohumil Hrabal’s birthday at Bird & Beckett… On the third Thursday of each month at 7pm, we read from the works of favorite writers born in the month at hand… and Hrabal, who wrote I Served the King of England, Closely Watched Trains and many another great book is definitely one of our favorites.  Join us March 24 at 7 pm!  Blanche is coming!

Then, Friday evening it’s our regular jazz thing, this week with the Chuck Peterson Quintet… that would be Howie Dudune sharing the reed honors with Chuck, with Glen Deardorff on guitar, Dean Reilly on bass and Tony Johnson on drums, with singer Dorothy Lefkovits doing what she does best! Sweet and swinging and thoroughly boppish.

Saturday, we sell books.  Mention you read this on the website, and we’ll give you a 10% discount on that new book you want to buy.  15% off that used book.

On Sunday, Walker Brents does his thing at 2:30 pm: this week, he’s talking up a storm about Maya Deren– avant garde filmmaker, researcher into Haitian voodoo, confrere of Duchamp, Breton, Anais Nin, John Cage…

and at 4:30, Jinx Jones, a wildly talented young guitarist, brings in a little jazz trio that will hype you up and string you along.  A little jazz, a little surf, a whole lot of good vibrations.

When you come for the music, bring some dough to help pay the bands, wouldya?  And buy a book, if you can afford it.