Jazz in the Bookshop

Upcoming events in the series

San Francisco’s longest running neighborhood jazz party every Friday evening since Oct. 2002 — always 5:30 to 8:00 pm $ — 10 per adult suggested donation kids welcome & free!

First Friday of each month – Don Prell’s Seabop Ensemble — bassist Prell is a veteran of the 1950s LA-based Bud Shank Quartet and 30 years with the San Francisco Symphony. He’s a fiercely avid jazz player, willing to play anywhere and any time and has been a key to keeping our weekly jazz series going these many years.  Each month, Don brings in a combo with Jerry Logas on reeds and Vinnie Rodriguez on drums, with a guitarist or pianist tba.

Second Friday of each month – Jimmy Ryan’s Bird & Beckett Bebop Band — drummer Ryan learned the trade in L.A. in the ’50s as well, and hit the San Francisco scene in 1960 — and never looked back. Jimmy has played with legendary musicians like Putter Smith, Vince Wallace, Kent Glenn and Bishop Norman Willliams, putting in significant time at legendary San Francisco clubs like Jimbo’s Bop City and the Gathering Cafe.  On Jimmy’s Bird & Beckett dates, you’ll here a quintet that might typically feature trumpeter Henry Hung, trombonist Stu Pilorz, reed player Stephen Norfleet, pianist Don Alberts and bassist Bishu Chatterjee or Aaron Cohn.

Third Friday of each month – The Scott Foster Ensemble — Guitarist Scott Foster assembles a fresh group with a new focus every month.  Always an amazing session!

Fourth Fridays — The 230 Jones Street, Local 6 Literary Jazz Band — aka The Chuck Peterson Quintet, Chuck finishes out the month’s schedule of Fridays with four long-time associates who have been at the top of the jazz scene locally and nationally for six decades. Reed player Howard Dudune plays with the easy grace of Lester Young and a swinging humor all his own, while guitarist Glen Deardorff drives the rhythm with a fierce insouciance. Bassist Dean Reilly, one of the most respected elder statesmen of the local jazz scene and a well traveled pro, looks , acts and plays like a youngster with his first ducktail. And drummer Tony Johnson, still sporting the Aussie accent of his own youth, swings effortlessly and keeps time with unerring precision. All in all, a wonderful band —

Dorothy LefkovitsOnce a month, Dorothy Lefkovits joins one or the other of these bands for a few tunes on each set. When just a teen, she graced the stage at Harlem’s Apollo Theater and she’s still charming audiences with ease.

Our weekly Friday “jazz in the bookshop” series is the cornerstone of our three days per week live music programming,  Come hear what it’s all about!   jazz in a bebop / straight-ahead mode by some consummate long-time professionals and many of the best of the Young Turks on the local scene…

Reed man Chuck Peterson was the one who got it all going, back in late 2002, when he told us he’d make sure we always had good musicians if we’d just guarantee them a venue — and he’s more than kept his word. He’s a veteran of the 1950s San Francisco scene and the 1960s live tv bands (remember Don Sherwood? and did you know Tennessee Ernie Ford used a live jazz combo in his local tv show here as well?). Chuck’s career continued with decades in the pit orchestras of the San Francisco theatre district and playing bari sax in the Rudy Salvini Big Band.  Since he got the jazz ball rolling at Bird & Beckett, we’ve presented more than 600 consecutive Friday performances, with never a missed date!

Your donations at the shows make up the lion’s share of what we use to pay the performers each week, augmented as necessary from our general fund raised through the direct annual contributions to the nonprofit by “people like you.”