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Ongoing Series

Live music four to five times every weekend!

All of our presentations are supported by your attendance and donations at the shows and by your tax-deductible contributions to the Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
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birdlogojazz club! when lights are low…

7:30-10 pm every Saturday night!  $10 cover charge
Wine and beer available — donate what you can to defray the cost of that!
Free food at the break to hold body and soul together for the second set

“jazz club” is what we call our weekly Saturday night session, where we douse the store lights so you can focus on the work of the best jazz talent the Bay Area has to offer, showcasing the musicians you want to hear– whether you know it or not!  It’s a beautiful scene, and we hope you’ll make it a habit.

birdlogo jazz in the bookshop

5:30-8 pm every Friday night
$10 per adult suggested donation – kids welcome & free!
San Francisco’s longest running neighborhood jazz party
every Friday evening since October 2002 – 700+ Friday shows!

First Friday of each monthDon Prell’s Seabop Ensemble — bassist Prell is a veteran of the 1950s LA-based Bud Shank Quartet and 30 years with the San Francisco Symphony. He’s a fiercely avid jazz player, willing to play anywhere and any time and has been a key to keeping our weekly jazz series going these many years.  Each month, Don brings in a combo with core members Jerry Logas on reeds and Vinnie Rodriguez on drums.

Second Friday of each month – a rotation of bands spun off from the late drummer Jimmy Ryan’s legendary Bird & Beckett Bebop Band, which held forth in this slot for many years. Jimmy learned the trade in L.A. in the ’50s as well, and hit the San Francisco scene in 1960 — and never looked back, playing with significant musicians including Putter Smith, Vince Wallace, Kent Glenn and Bishop Norman Willliams and putting in significant time at important San Francisco clubs of yore like Jimbo’s Bop City and the Gathering Cafe.  On these second-Friday dates, you’ll hear quartets and quintets led by pianist Don Alberts, bassist Aaron Cohn, reed player Joe Cohen, trumpeter Henry Hung and trombonists Stu Pilorz and Rick Elmore.

Third Friday of each month The Scott Foster Ensemble — Guitarist Scott Foster assembles a fresh group with a new focus every month. Always an amazing session! Scott has always been Bird & Beckett’s favorite guitarist locally, bar none, with a facility, swing and soulful intelligence that sets him on a high plane indeed. And the musicians he brings to the stage span generations and share his deep connection to jazz and its many traditions.

Fourth Friday of each month — The 230 Jones Street, Local 6 Literary Jazz Band — aka The Chuck Peterson Quintet — featuring vocalist Dorothy Lefkovits — Chuck’s quintet finishes out the month’s schedule of Fridays with four long-time associates who have been at the top of the jazz scene locally and nationally for six decades. Reed player Howard Dudune plays with the easy grace of Lester Young and a swinging humor all his own, while guitarist Glen Deardorff drives the rhythm with a fierce insouciance. Bassist Dean Reilly, one of the most respected elder statesmen of the local jazz scene and a well traveled pro, looks , acts and plays like a youngster with his first ducktail. And drummer Tony Johnson, still sporting the Aussie accent of his own youth, swings effortlessly and keeps time with unerring precision. All in all, a wonderful band — and with Dorothy singing on each set, you’re guaranteed a sublime evening. While still just a teen, Dorothy graced the stage at Harlem’s Apollo Theater and more than a few decades on, she’s still charming audiences with ease.

A little history:  Our weekly Friday “jazz in the bookshop” series is the cornerstone of our three days per week live music programming,  Come hear what it’s all about!  Jazz in a bebop/straight-ahead mode by some consummate long-time professionals and many of the best of the Young Turks on the local scene…

Reed man Chuck Peterson was the one who got it all going, back in late 2002, when he told us he’d make sure we always had good musicians if we’d just guarantee them a venue — and he’s more than kept his word. He’s a veteran of the 1950s San Francisco scene and the 1960s live tv bands (remember Don Sherwood? and did you know Tennessee Ernie Ford used a live jazz combo in his local tv show here as well? Chuck was on that band for years). Chuck’s career continued with decades in the pit orchestras of the San Francisco theatre district and playing bari sax in the Rudy Salvini Big Band.  Since he got the jazz ball rolling at Bird & Beckett, we’ve presented well over 700 consecutive Friday performances, with never a missed date!

Your donations at the shows make up the lion’s share of what we use to pay the performers each week, augmented as necessary from our general fund raised through the direct annual contributions to the nonprofit by “people like you.” Contribute to the Bird & Beckett Cultural Legacy Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to help us continue! There’s a link up at the top of this page if you’re inclined to join the dozens of individuals who make this happen. Take the tax-deduction for your largesse, and our heartfelt thanks. Jazz lives in San Francisco, in no small part due to the support you give it.


Second and fourth Sundays of each month
4-6 pm
by donation

Local treasure Grant Levin, a young jazz pianist of extraordinary range, sensitivity and swing, has inaugurated this twice-monthly concert series where he holds forth for two beautiful sets of music with another of the fine musicians that make San Francisco the special jazz hub that it is. Later in the fall, guitarist Jordan Samuels will bring in a guitarist duo partner for three special dates over a few month period in the same time slot. Not in this series, but of a piece with it, in October we’ll feature nationally renowned guitarist Howard Alden with local favorite Duncan James. And Duncan shares the duo spotlight with the fine local guitarist Ray Scott on the last Sunday afternoon of every year, between Christmas and New Years.

birdlogo-littlewhich way west?

A weekly concert series offering jazz, acoustic americana, world and classical music our Sunday shows run from 4:30 to 6:30 pm and are presented in two sets — beginning at 4:30 and 5:30 pm. $10 per adult suggested donation; children free. No one turned away for lack of funds!

Our Sunday concert series started in earnest when we moved into our current storefront in 2007, and allows us to present a whole lot of jazz, and also to accommodate a gamut of musical styles and performers. From North Africa to Pakistan to Philly to Bakersfield to the hollers of Appalachia, and points west, east, north and south. A great variety of musical disciplines and cultures is represented by individuals who have made the Bay Area their home but who carry with them traditions from the places where they grew up and came of age. We attempt in this series to present musicians rooted by birth in the styles in which they play, though many a sideman on these dates has come to the music honestly, through close exposure to native practitioners. Through the very substantial generosity of the Conner Family Trust we’re able to augment your donations at the shows to ensure that the performers are paid adequately for their efforts. Which way west? Well, it’s always the same way, we suppose, but what you find when you set out may depend on where you’re starting from! And what you’re open to.

birdlogo-littlecanyon moonlight music

A weekly concert series, currently taking place on
Sundays from 7:30 to 10 pm
but moving in September to Thursday nights, same time.

This concert series is a chance for non-jazz to hold the fort! A rotation of bands/musicians including:
The Seducers – a classic/outlaw country band with Joe Goldmark on pedal steel guitar, Mitch Polzak on lead guitar and vocals, Eddie Kendrick on electric bass and vocals, Kenny Owen on drums. If Waylon Jennings & Merle Haggard are your cup of tea, this is your music.
Jinx Jones Trio – Jinx is a rockabilly guitarist and singer par excellence, with a taste and a talent for surf, psychedelia and, yes, even a bit of jazz, rockabilly style.
Randy Lee Odell – Randy is a versatile drummer playing with blues and rock and blues outfits, including the GG Amos West Coast Blues Band which he rotates in to fit the rhythm of the times.
Misisipi Mike Wolf – A guitar picker in high demand by country outfits nationwide and an extraordinarily talented songwriter, who stops in to Bird & Beckett whenever possible to showcase some of the Bay Area’s best indigenous talent and to enlist friends from the Bay Area Americana scene in exploring any number of acoustic byways.


1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 7-9 pm
Featured poets + open mic
hosted by Jerry Ferraz

On the first and third Monday of each month, peripatetic bard & troubadour Jerry Ferraz hosts a poetry reading that showcases local legends, traveling poets passing through and folks from around the Bay.  After the features, there is always an open mic.  We can count on a warm group of poets and poetry fans eager to hear the features and the potpourri of poets of every stripe who come out to read and keep the open mic scene alive.

Patronage by Carolta del Portillo makes it possible for us to pay a small honorarium to the featured poets each time, a rarity in reading series off the college campuses… your additional dollar or two tossed in the bucket at the readings makes it that much sweeter.

birdlogo-littleWalker Talks

The last Sunday of each month
(except June/July and December)
from 2:30 to 4 pm

The last Sunday of every month (except the summer months and December), Walker Brents III holds his audience spellbound with his wide-ranging investigations into topics literary, mythological and otherwise — in the past, his subjects have ranged from William Blake to Bob Dylan, Shakespeare to the Shanameh, the Kalevala to the story of Layla and Majnun…