POETS! every 1st & 3rd Monday
Monday, February 5th – 7-9 pm
Fanny Renoir & Ronald Sauer
An open mic follows
Jerry Ferraz, m.c.

Listen to the interview with Fanny Renoir you’ll find at this link
(scroll down to “The Road to Enlightenment,” Episode 6 of the Passport Podcast).

San Francisco has an incredibly rich recent present, whether you date it from 1946 or 1961 or 1968 or 1971 or… 1899… name your year.

So much of it revolves around poetry and music, and around the North Beach and Mission District cafes, and around individuals who have held tenaciously and at the same time effortlessly to long tendrils of culture that grow here. They may live here and now, but Paris and Rome and Calcutta are part of it too.

So come make contact with some of your own past and some of the City’s and the world’s eternal now.

We’re lucky to be here now, wherever and whenever that might be.

Oh, and feel free to read in the open. Jerry Ferraz will grease the skids to enlightenment, insight, reflection, wherever you want to be. Maybe in a two-room pad. Now, that’s progress!

Better seize the day. And buy a painting to hang on your wall to contemplate as the end looms.

Or just hang awhile in the company of two artists and their friends. They’re yours, too.