Monday, May 16th – 7-9 pm
Featured poets Rosemary Manno & Roderick Iverson
open mic follows

Rosemary Manno has lived in San Francisco since 1983.   She grew up in Buffalo, New York and has lived in Paris whenever possible. She is a published poet, artist, world traveler, lover of foreign tongues, the natural world and revolutionary struggle and is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade. Her work has also appeared in numerous chapbooks, magazines and anthologies. Her forthcoming collection is entitled Marseille.

Roderick Iverson is a poet, novelist and translator.  He speaks French German and Polish fluently and a number of other languages as well. He is one of the first writers to translate and publish the work of Georg Trakl in the United States. Recently he has toured France reading selections of his work with a group of other poets influenced by Beat poetry.  He presently lives and works in San Francisco.

An open mic follows.

Hosted by Jerry Ferraz