Featured Publisher:
Tara Books
of Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India)

Beautiful books… children’s books, but are they?

If it takes the eyes of children to take us into these rich and gorgeous artifacts, so be it.

Tara Books is:

Gita Wolf, a former academic rash enough to start a publishing house
V. Geetha, an historian and political activist with a soft spot for popular culture
C. Arumugam, a fine bookmaker with the motto ‘Nothing is Impossible’
Jennifer Abel, a former Tara intern who now represents Tara in North America
Lavanya K, our bubbly book advocacy coordinator
Nia Murphy, our resident designer from the UK.
Shamim Hameed, lifesaving and very professional accounts manager
Nancy Prabha, handles office administration and is utterly indispensable
Ramya, ever reliable, assisting in the accounts department
Ranjith, packs books, makes deliveries and is generally indispensable
Senthil Kumar, a great help with both administrative and marketing needs


Rathna Ramanathan, London – has steered Tara’s design philosophy
Natasha Chandani, New York  and Avinash Veeraraghavan, Bangalore has taken Tara’s innovations further.