Monday, July 27th – 7 pm
Film docs on Cuba!
Filmmaker Juanita Cordones-Cook

Nancy Morejon film frameA program of short film documentaries on Afro-Cuban culture by Juanamaria Cordones-Cook.

Professor Cordones-Cook (Romance Languages, University of Missouri) is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has filmed over 100 hours of events in Cuba, the USA, and Canada on topics related to the Afro-Romance Diaspora culture and literature, such as conferences, interviews, ritual dances, and theatrical performances. She has also filmed a series of living histories of Afro-Hispanic intellectuals -33 already- and is as well directing and producing documentaries in Cuba and the United States. She has completed La silla dorada: antología audiovisual (Havana 2010); Cimarroneando con G.H. (Havana 2011); a series of five documentaries on Ediciones Vigía, Un libro único de Estévez / A One-of-a-Kind Book by Estévez; Poéticas visuales / Visual Poetics; La Habana expuesta, un diseño de Estévez / Havana on Display, a Design by Estévez; Entre la palabra y la imagen / Between the Word and the Image (Matanzas and Havana, 2012). Other documentaries include Nancy Morejón: Paisajes célebres / Famous Landscapes (Havana, Toronto, Columbia, Missouri, 2012), Diago: Un artista apalencado / A Maroon Artist (Havana 2013). Professor Cordones-Cook has as well produced and directed in collaboration with Julie Middleton, Michael Hicks, and Barbara Williamson, Battle, Change from Within (Columbia, Missouri, 2012). She has completed a 7 hour and 30 minutes archival documentary on 27 years (1985-2011) of Ediciones Vigía book production, Abriendo Archivos / Opening Archives (Matanzas: 2013), Rogelio Martínez Furé, un Griot cubano / A Cuban Griot(2014), Choco (2014), El mundo mágico de Mendive (2015), and is as well making progress on other documentaries on Afro-Cuban writers and artists, such as Santiago Rodríguez Olazabal, Alberto Lescay Merencio, and Zuleica Romay, among others