Saturday, March 28th — 8-11 pm
jazz club! when lights are low…
Focus on Horace Silver
The Vinnie Rodriguez Quartet

Vinnie RodriguezErik Jekabson, trumpet
Keith Saunders, piano
Adam Gay, bass
Vinnie Rodriguez, drums

Vinnie Rodriguez’ quartet will focus on the writings of the late, great jazz pianist Horace Silver.

The pianist on today’s date, Keith Saunders, is among the most sought after local piano players for hard bop dates, with a sure feel for the complexity of the changes and the propulsive drive that makes this music so irresistible.  Trumpeter Erik Jekabson likewise is a superbly skilled musician who’s name is always on the tip of the tongue of dedicated jazz fans hereabouts when discussing the local players who are in the league of the best New York players.  As for bassist Adam Gay and the leader, drummer Vinnie Rodriguez, both are absolutely reliable as creative, hard driving rhythm section players that can take a session exactly where it wants to go.

These four will do Horace Silver’s memory proud.  Don’t miss this Saturday night “jazz club” performance!

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Horace Silver