Last Sunday of the month…
The Glen Park Street Fair

Sunday, April 28th… there’ll be dancing in the streets!

Rockabilly King Jinx Jones on the Chenery Street stage!

Rockabilly King Jinx Jones on the Chenery Street stage!

Terrific live music, great food, interesting vendors & scads of happy people thronging Diamond Street between Bosworth and Chenery…  don’t neglect to come up to the shop and say hi!  We’ll be holding down the fort and will offer a telling of Tibetan folk tales by the inimitable Walker Brents III at 2:30 pm, followed by live jazz as the action on the streets starts to wind down…

Ex-Glen Parker/jazz guitarist Mark Reynolds and family (Gretchen and the twins, Jarrett & Jillian) are making the trek down from the North Bay for the street fair, and Mark is bringing his band called “Studio 5” into the shop for a 4:30 pm “which way west?” session… We’ve hosted this band several times in the past and can vouch for their fine musicianship.  Mike Dixon on alto sax; Dan Silva, piano; Jon Francis, bass; and Mike Arrow, drums.

A lovely way to wrap up a fun-filled day.