Saturday, August 8th – 4-6 pm
piano/bass duo:
Grant Levin/Chris Amberger

Grant with ChrisAn informal late afternoon date with the pianist and bassist that will make up half of our evening quartet program.  Grant Levin is a rising star of jazz piano, especially in the Bay Area– with a reputation that has spread like wildfire.  Bassist Chris Amberger has been a stalwart of the scene for decades, had a stint with Art Blakey, and is largely responsible for getting Grant established in the San Francisco jazz scene.  The two of them have often worked as a duo, and know each other’s musical language well.

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday, from 4-6 pm, Grant brings in another musician to play in this duo context.  A real treat!  Not a formal concert setting, but we have a scattering of chairs out, and the bookshelves can be browsed at will while you listen — it that’s what you’re after.

We love this jazz and books world we’ve developed.  Hope you do too.