Saturday, January 9th
Grant Levin Duo and Quartet
4-6 pm & 7:30-10 pm

Grant Levin with Ricardo Diaz4-6 pm: Grant Levin, piano and Ricardo Diaz, bass weave a web of jazz at once delicate and indestructible. Really! You’ll like it. Feed that tip jar generously!!!

Walter Savage sings7:30-10 pm: Grant Levin leads a quartet, featuring Jonathan Bautista on tenor sax, Walter Savage on bass and Malachi Whitson on drums. This date will knock your socks off. Walter Savage was a key bass player on the Bay Area scene for decades before trying a self-imposed exile with his wife to Arkansas — that experiment was successful enough, but the Bay Area has drawn them back and now they’re established in Vallejo, with Walter driving into the city for any good gigs that come his way. He’s monstrously talented, and we’re lucky indeed to have him back. And then there’s Jonathan Bautista, with a true tenor tone and fluidity that’s a beautiful fit for this quartet. We’ve been beyond happy to hear him hold forth from the Bird & Beckett bandstand ever since Grant first introduced him to us a year ago in January of 2015. Malachi Whitson we have not yet heard, but we’re supremely confident we won’t be disappointed! $10 cover.