Grant Levin Trio

Grant and TerranceSunday night, 8-10 pm.
October 2nd

No cover charge on Sundays, but please bring your money anyway. Musicians must eat, cover charge or no. Lavish them with your cash, it can’t hurt!

In this instance,  accompanying picture notwithstanding, no horn. R.I.P. Terrance. Tell Howie we said “hi.” Count Bill in on that sentiment, I bet. Henry doing ok? Mary? Miss you all. Halloween comin’. Y’all should visit! It’d be fun. We’d invite Blanche!

Anyway, piano trio tonight, led by Grant Levin.

Grant Levin, piano
Chris Amberger, bass
Mark Lee, drums

The art of the trio: sublime.

Just the ticket for a San Francisco Sunday night.

Hear jazz as it is played in San Francisco in 2016. You won’t regret it.