Sunday, October 14th – 2:00-4:00 pm
Haight Ashbury Literary Journal Reading!

HALJ Vo. 38 No. 1 cover art by Maria Coomber

“Poetry brings sanity to an insane world,” say the editors of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. “We’re maybe the sort of utopia of an old Chinese poet writing poems and dropping them into the stream.”

The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal is still going strong!

This issue is Volume 38, Number 1! Chock full of nuts! Sanest folks on the planet! Help us  & save us!

Among the local contributors in this issue are Cesar Love, Sue Doro, Brian K. Turner, Andrena Zawinski, Stephen Kopel, Rocio Ramirez, Will Walker, Alice Rogoff, K.R. Morrison, Melen Lunn, Raina Hunter, Grace Marie Grafton, Eileen Malone.

Come celebrate, but BYOB! The State forbids us to intoxicate you with anything but good literature (and music, when time allows).

detail from photo by Ted Streshinksy, 1966