Happy Birthday, Sam!

samuel-beckettFriday, April 12th, apres le jazz, beginning at 8:30 pm…

Come to a celebration for Samuel Beckett’s birthday (born April 13, 1906 in Foxrock, Ireland…died December 22, 1989 in Paris)!

Scott Baker, Val Fachman and some of the good thespians from PUS Theatre Company will take the stage with a few gems they’ve polished up for their Beckett showcase opening next week downtown… A bit of Guinness & Jameson will be poured in the hoary great writer’s honor!

The full show runs 4/19 to 5/11 at the Bindlestiff Studio on 6th btw. Mission & Howard. It’s called “Sam I Am: A Processional of Short Plays and Prose by Samuel Beckett” and is indeed a processional, so the audience will be limited to 40 per show –book your tix now!  The pieces performed at the Bindlestiff will be Come and Go (Sabrina de Mio, Ponder Goddard, Sylvia Hathaway); Not I (Valerie Fachman); Rough for Theatre I (Geo Epsilanty, James Udom); Eh Joe (Scott Baker, Allison Hunter Blackwell, Melissa Clason); Rough for Theatre II (Scott Baker, Geoff Bangs, Vince Faso); Rough for Radio II (Scott Baker, Melissa Clason, John Lowell); and Guides/Prose works (Allison Blackwell, Melissa Clason).  Quite a show is in store!  Get a taste here at B&B this Friday and raise a glass with us to Sam what Am!

It all follows the jazz session by Jimmy Ryan’s quintet that will take place from 5:30 to 8… itself a celebration for Jimmy’s own reasons, which he’ll clue you in on at the date.