Saturday, June 2nd – 7:30 pm
Imperial Jazz Co.
jazz club! when lights are low… $20 cover; students $10

In one of the sweetest rooms in the City, Imperial Jazz Co. brings together some of the brightest lights on the Bay Area music scene performing songs and instrumental standards with maximum swing, scorching solos, and delightful vocals. 

The band includes:
Phillip Greenlief (Lost Trio, Orchestra Nostalgico, Animals & Giraffes), reeds
John Hanes (Smith Dobson V, Dream Kitchen and Actual Trio with John Schott, Orchestra Nostalgico), drums
Myles Boisen (Past-Present-Future, Fred Frith, Orchestra Nostalgico, Franco Nero, Club Foot Orchestra, Miniwatt Trio/Quartet), guitar
Kurt Ribak (Kurt Ribak Trio), bass
John Ettinger (Miniwatt Trio/Quartet), violin
Jill Rogers (Crying Time), vocals