Sunday, July 12th – 4:30-6:30 pm
Ira Kamin vs. PC Muñoz Free Jazz

Free jazz from two musicians who have been exploring new territories for decades.  Check your preconceptions at the door and enjoy a little post-Independence Day freedom — from dogma, convention and whatever expectations you might be inclined to harbor.

Ira Kamin with Mike BloomfieldIra Kamin got his start in Chicago, making his mark on keyboards with the great blues guitarist Michael Bloomfield. Kamin and Bloomfield came out to California together in the late 1960s, and Ira has been here since.  Early on, he explored blues and country styles on records like as Brewer and Shipley’s “One Toke Over the Line” while “honing his singular avant-garde /aleatoric classical piano style.”  Along the way, his piano and organ work was also featured on albums by Bloomfield, Nick Gravenitis and Otis Rush,   He’s traveled many miles since those storied beginnings.

Space BetweenSan Francisco-based drummer and producer PC Muñoz recently released a recording of Ira and himself that brings Ira’s unique style to the fore.  Called “The Space Between,” the cd was released in 2013. The song titles are poetic word pairs. The music is the space between.  Click here for a taste.

Muñoz’s genre-defying projects are stylistically broad and deep, revealing an artistic explorer equally at home with spoken-word, electronic funk, all-acoustic hip-hop, world music mash-ups, and experimental compositions for dance. His partnership with composer/longtime Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanrenaud has yielded two highly acclaimed projects: the Grammy-nominated album “Strange Toys” and the iTunes-charting cello and beats duo album “Pop-Pop”. His minimalist poetry-and-improvised music CD, “Twenty Haiku”, took the “Best in Spoken Word” award at the 2006 DIY awards in Hollywood, CA. An enthusiastic collaborator, PC has recorded with rock legend Jackson Browne, woodwinds renegade Kyle Bruckmann, Emmy-winning virtuoso Van-Anh Vo, Anthony Brown of the Asian American Orchestra, and choreographers Erika Tsimbrovsky and Allen Lam, amongst others. Learn more at