Saturday, December 13th — 8-11 pm
jazz club! when lights are low
Grant Levin Quartet

Pianist Grant Levin.  Photo by Dan Brazelton.

Pianist Grant Levin. Photo by Dan Brazelton.

Tonight, pianist Grant Levin changes it up, presenting saxophonist Jonathan Bautista, bassist Ricardo Diaz, and drummer Jon Arkin.

Grant has been knocking us out for a couple of years now, latecomers as we are to the party that started rocking when he drifted down from UNLV, or was it Reno… falling in with some of the Bay Area’s best, most experienced hands, and quickly dazzling audiences with his fluidity, his harmonic nuances, his sheer joy at the keyboard.  He’s a young cat, but his playing belies his years– trust us on that.

Grant runs the show on the second Saturday of each month.  If you haven’t heard him, you’ll kick yourself for not hearing him sooner.  Now’s the time.  Get down to jazz club and put yourself in Grant’s capable hands.