Judy & Ramon Sender

Sunday, February 12, 2:00 pm

Judith Sender & Ramon Sender

Ramon and Judy Sender will be reading from their books.

Judy — a writer and artist, or a wrartist, as she terms it — will read some excerpts from her new book, “Transitions Visible and Invisible.”  Her earlier book, “Lines: Whimsical and Other Wise,” has long been available through Bird & Beckett.  Both books feature her drawings and poems, and express her multifariously whimsical take on things.  She is a retired SFUSD teacher and since, 2001, she has co-curated with her husband, Ramon, the “Odd Monday Series”, first at Noe Valley Ministry and now at the venerable Phoenix Books.

Ramon Sender has a long-standing reputation as an important west coast musician, writer and artist.  In 1961, with Morton Subotnick and Pauline Oliveros, he co-founded the groundbreaking San Francisco Tape Music Center, home to the late artist Bruce Conner and musician Bill Maginnis, both Glen Park figures of great repute.  Composers Terry Riley and John Cage were among the many significant figures that worked with Ramon and his confederates there.

His written works include “Death in Zamora” and the series of Zero books, as well as two classics of the communal ’70s counterculture, Living on the Earth and Being of the Sun.  He’ll read at Bird & Beckett from his most recent book of collected stories and essays, “Planetary Sojourn” and will also share a recent musical  composition.

Don’t miss two San Francisco originals with deep roots in the heyday of the ’60s– and who still remember what it was all like, despite the old saw about “if you remember it, you weren’t there.”  Nonsense!  You’ll get an earful at Bird & Beckett if you make the time to come on down…