Friday, April 29th – 5:30-8:00 pm
Mean to Me – Judy Butterfield-Ben Slater-Dave Shaff
jazz in the bookshop every Friday

A Special Fifth Friday Guest Booking: Mean to MeĀ 

Mean to Me was a huge hit when they played Bird & Beckett a year ago,
and we’re excited to have them back!

Mean to Me Judy

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Mean to Me resurrects classic jazz of the 1920s through 1940s
–sometimes twisted by the more modern stylings of Monk, Mingus and Ahmad Jamal–
and an eclectic variety of soul-jazz and latin-jazz

The three-chambered heart of Mean to Me comprises
Judy Butterfield — trained as a cabaret singer but whose love is for soul music
Ben Slater — a pianist interested in exploring jazz’s roots after living in New Orleans
and Dave Shaff — a trumpeter drawn to more modern and funky sounds.

Guitarist Scott Foster, bassist Aaron Cohn and drummer Chris Lauf drive the mix!