Sunday, May 8th – 4:30-6:30 pm – Happy Mothers Day!
Gail Dobson Band

a jazz matriarch and her progeny!

gail dobson band-sm-3-300


Gail Dobson has been a jazz singer for decades, inspiring and inspired by a family of musicians, immediate and extended — Mas Koga, shakuhachi, flute and saxophone and Smith Dobson V, vibes and sax… Alan Hall, drums… Luke Westbook, guitar… Sam Bevan, bass have been the core of her band for a good long time. ┬áHer recent CD “How Fragile We Are” features these musicians, with Adam Gay subbing for Sam on bass. ┬áThe band will do some of that material, and will assay a number of tunes the Dobsons, a clan spun from the late, great pianist Smith Dobson IV, have long used as a vehicle to get at the essence of the music. You shouldn’t miss this date. Mama Gail will be a bit disappointed with you if you do!