Mothers Day!
Pure New Orleans R&B plus
a mother-daughter poetry reading

We’ve got it all today,  mother & daughter writers… New Orleans R&B… it’s all yours!  Consider it our gift, in honor of the mothers we’ve got and the ones we sorely miss, and the mothers we are!

First, Leslie Simon, mother, and Caya Schaan, daughter, join in a joint Mothers Day reading at 2 pm, and then Macy Blackman rocks it home at 4:30.

New Orleans R&B, soulful mother of us all!  Macy Blackman & the Mighty Fines might well be the best band in the Bay Area playing the music of Fats Domino, Professor Longhair, Lee Dorsey and Dr. John… originals too!  Macy Blackman on piano, Richard Mayers on harmonica and percussion, Larry Vann on drums and Bing Nathan on bass.

O Mother!

Bring your mother… Bring your child!  Single guy or gal out on your own?  You’re just as welcome…

Leslie SimonLet us mention, by the way, that Leslie chairs the Women’s Studies department at CCSF.  She originated the important course there called Poetry to the People back in 1975, when her daughter Caya was just a wee child…

Every mother wants her child to get an education!  Interested in resisting the pressure to eviscerate the crucial path to education that wends through our community colleges?  Let’s come together on another occasion to talk about what the community can do to support the struggle of the faculty at CCSF to maintain and grow the crucial role of community colleges.  Bring it up with Leslie at the q&a and we’ll come up with a plan.