Sunday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m.
Afro-Cuban poet & essayist
Nancy Morejon

Nancy Morejon is likely the best known and most widely translated woman poet of post-revolutionary Cuba. Born in 1944 in Havana to a militant dock worker and a trade-unionist seamstress, Morejón graduated from Havana University.  She has received the Critic’s Prize (1986) and the National Prize for  Literature (2001).

Nancy MorejonShe declares, “I am, at once, Nancy Morejon, an individual, a unity, who cannot be subdivided into parts as one does when learning math…I am not more of a black person than a woman; I am not more of a woman than a Cuban; I am not more of a black person than a Cuban. I am a brief combustion of those factors.”

Poet Jayne Cortez has called her poems “lyrical, compassionate, complex, and dazzling in their subtleties.”

Please join us for an hour with Nancy Morejon in conversation with Tony Ryan.