Saturday, November 28th – 7:30-10 pm
jazz club! when lights are low…
Newk’s time
The Vinnie Rodriguez Quartet

Newk's TimeDrummer Vinnie Rodriguez leads the date on an excursion through the music of Sonny Rollins, putting his worthy constituents Jay Sanders (piano), Mike Irwin Johnson (guitar) and Noah Schencker (bass) through their paces.

Nary a reed player among them, much less a wind instrument…. Jay’s well known as a trumpeter, but here he navigates the keys. Ok, so it turns out he brought his trumpet. Our gain, there.

The other players? Solidly in the pocket. ┬áIt’s Mike who will provide the charts and advise on the wealth of Sonny Rollins material for the choosing.

Are you ready? Drop!

Go Dodgers!