Onward! David Meltzer, 1937-2016, R.I.P.

From Julie Rogers, David’s wife, we received the following message this morning, December 31st:


Dear One,
Our Beloved David passed at 3:37 this morning very peacefully with us in our bed holding hands. He was calm after the terrible storm of the last few days and left like a feather floating into the sky. 
I want to let you know this, and also that we’re beginning Buddhist practices for him and will be here at home with our families today and for the next few. Please wait before contacting me – I doubt I’ll be answering email for a while, nor phone calls. We may not answer the phone today either, but please know that you are with us in our hearts. Perhaps in a few days…
I’m deeply grateful for your support, love, prayers, good thoughts, and friendship. I love him beyond words, as we all do.
As I said to David early this morning, this is the real onward.
Yours always with love,
David was a beautiful, mischievous and soulful human being and poet. We’ll all miss him terribly.
David Meltzer & Julie Rogers. Oakland 9/2014

David Meltzer & Julie Rogers. Oakland 9/2014